Thursday, April 29, 2010

A reader threshold

Hello everyone. This is just a small update about the views on this blog. I have been using google analytics to track traffic to this site and I think I'll be sharing various milestones in readership with you all.

As of today (day 29):

  • the site has had more than 1,000 views!
  • within the US there have been visitors from 33 states
  • worldwide there have been visitors from 27 countries, including countries from every continent except Antartica (hurry up antartic scientists!)
  • a few days ago saw the first traffic to the blog from search engines

I will try to remember to post about this from time to time and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A more permanent home...

Alright. It feels like it's been awhile since I updated you all on what's been going on. So here it goes...

So where I left you off was when I had escaped out of W-space. I also told you how AWESOME the Tengu is. And it's only been getting better...

So anyways, I have partnered up with a former corp mate. We have decided to run W-space together which will be very different in and of itself for me. So our first night running sites (we just ran sites in a C3 that spawned close to our base), we didn't really end up running many sites. hehe. We did pvp though... Bob in his Tengu, Ant in her domi, and my (now) corpy in his tengu. We were running sites and all of a sudden, a harbinger appears at our WH back to hi sec. Followed by a Raven. At that point bob was in the salvage boat about to warp to the sites to salvage the wrecks. They shot at him!

Well we couldn't stand for that. And feeling EXTREMELY cocky in our shiny new Tengus we decided to show them up. So I jump back through the WH and make a bee line to the station to get my Tengu while corpy and Ant warp to the WH to engage. Apparently these pilots have no appreciation for a Tengu tank...or dps. We decided to primary the harby. So one domi + tengu = harby kill mail. One domi + 2x Tengu = faster kill mail. Yeah, my sleeper war now includes casualties of the human variety. The Raven warped off with it's tail between its legs.

Feeling victorious we logged for the night.

A few nights later, my corpy made a great find. A C3 from lo sec leading to a C2. It turns out that the C2 had a static C3. Exactly what we've been looking for. One's inhabited. drats.....

So my corpy links their corp after finding their pos and I strike up a conversation with one of their diplomatic contacts. I had been looking for a hole like this for awhile and I did NOT just want to move on because it was inhabited.

The convo started out pretty tense but we soon got past the this-is-w-space-and-i-have-to-assume-that-you-want-to-kill-me formalities. After awhile I simply asked if he and his corp would be willing to share the WH with us. And to my complete enjoyment, they accepted!

Not only does this WH have a static C3, but it also has a static hi sec exit. When considering this before I really didn't want to have that in the WH I inhabited. But since I have learned WH management (thanks Stack All!) it actually seems more like a great asset to have. The security of always having a hi sec exit means I will never have to worry about fuel or making sales runs. I think this is gonna work out just fine...

So I brought in the Medium POS setup that I had ready in the orca. Within about 2 hours it was all ready to go.

Today was the first day that we really made use of our friendly relations with our WH neighbors, to the benefit of all involved. I logged on before anyone else in the WH and checked out the new C3. Nothing doing. No sites to run. Oh well. So I closed it. Next WH. Same thing. Oh well. Closed it. By the time the new WH had opened up there were about 4 other pilots online from our WH coop. Turns out this WH had about 7 sites to run. So we ran them.

Boy did we run them. We had no less than 3 tengus, one domi, and one raven. The sleepers fell like flies. And it all took less than an hour. Not too bad. I'll report in soon about how much we ended up making...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first run with the Tengu

Just thought I'd drop a quick post about how the first WH experience went with the tengu. I spent awhile today scanning down systems and WH's looking for the perfect one for me to inhabit. Didn't find it. I did find an unoccupied C3 with lots of combat sites though. Perfect time to test the new Tengu. is such an upgrade over the Drake. I don't even have the subsystem skills where I want them to be yet and it is leagues above the drake. There are two main differences. The tank: I don't have to ever worry about the Tengu taking dmg. The ROF: the Tengu just spits missiles out like a big leaguer spittin' sunflower seeds. It made a very big difference when it came to completion time on sites. Definately glad I made the jump to t3.

So in my little WH raid I only ran about 5 or 6 sites. Ran the loot to my favorite trading hub for a total of 248 million isk. Made back a chunk of the Tengu already. Another two runs like that and it'll be just about paid off....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's gonna be a new approach

So let me start this post by telling you how I wrapped up my adventures in my last WH. As you know, I had a small POS with no defenses as my only POS in the hole. Only a little protection, but only a little risk. When I logged on this morning I had two DED mails. The first telling me that someone had taken some pot shots at my POS. The second, that my POS's shields had gone below %50. Great....I warp in on a reinforced small POS.

Fortunately, I followed the cardinal rule of POS managment. Make sure to have plenty of strontium in the tower! Unfortunately, I found that while the POS is reinforced, you are unable to access anything in your corp hangar. It was at this point that I found out just how awesome it was that I always log off with my valuable sleeper salvage in my cargo hold. I was able to access the ship maintenance bay so I decided to make a break for it.

Yes, I made the extremely difficult decision to leave my small POS behind.

Along with all of the modules I had in the corp hangar, I'm estimating that I have abandoned about 120 million isk in w-space. That's a lot of isk. Not an easy decision. But, that's what they say about W-space, it's only a matter of time before you lose stuff in there. I'm happy that I made almost a billion isk with this one :)

Escaping the WH turned out to be an adventure in and of itself. I entered and scanned down the adjoining static C4. From there I moved into another WH and scanned it down. And another. And another. I couldn't believe my terrible luck. I went at least 4-5 WH's deep and didn't find an exit to hi sec or lo sec anywhere along the way. And I was VERY thorough. I actually reached a dead end where the only WH's left to go through were about to collapse due to time and I was not about to risk leaving my ships in W-space.

Next option...close the WH. As some of my readers will know, I've been on the wrong side of a closing WH before. Not fun. But a capsuleer's gotta do what a capsuleer's gotta do. So I bring out the domi and begin collapsing the WH. To finish it off I close it off with two jumps with the orca. A risk, I know, but I really really wanted out of that WH.

The next WH opens up. I scan it down and find........a Hi sec exit!! Very close to Jita at that. Perfect escape. So about 45 min later I have everything out of the WH not attached to the POS and I bid a sad farewell to served me well...

Needless to say, I wanted back in W-space, and quick. But before I just jumped in, I decided to take the next step in escalating my w-space effectiveness. Thanks to the 482 million isk I made from the loot I carried out with me, I was able to buy.....
Can you guess?'s a Tengu.
(awesome name pending)
So I'm gonna consider this an escalation of the Boblakov vs. sleeper war. It's gonna be good.
So, what it looks like now is I'm gonna be looking for a C2 or C3 that has a static C3. This would seem to be the best option at this point for making the most isk. Especially since I am having a friend join me for this next stint in w-space. He will also be bringing a Tengu. We'll see how a gang with two Tengus and a Domi does vs. how I did with one drake and a domi.
If I find the WH described above I believe that I will set up the med POS. A WH like that has the potential to be a much more permanent home. Wish me luck in my search...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

That was quick!

So last night I pulled out of my WH with the intention of shorter stints in W-space. Probably taking in only a small tower so that I could remain very mobile and move when I found a greener pasture.

I log on today and find a WH 3 jumps from my staging system leading to a C2. Not very many sites but I find a C3 WH leading from it. Jackpot.

This C3 has over 20 sleeper sites and about 15 sigs. I haven't even taken the time to scan them all down yet. Even more interesting, there's two abandoned medium towers. One still has guns anchored to it. The other one is alone. Both from different corps and different alliances.

So I decided to setup the small POS and bring in the orca with the medium POS setup in its hold. I'm here to stay for a bit.

I would love to hear from you, what can I do to profit from the abandoned towers? That's at least 400 million isk floating in my WH.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking for the next oppurtunity

So I logged on to find that yet another gang was in my WH running my sites. I decided that the exits that I had simply yielded too much traffic. It seemed that almost everyday since I moved in there was a gang I couldn't scare away, running my sites. Oh well. So I decided to pack up and leave.

There was a K162 leading to hi sec. It just so conveniently let me out 5 jumps from my staging grounds.

So while my indy char was offlining, unanchoring, and gathering up the defenses, I sent bob in the cov ops to go sell off the loot I had accrued in this hole. While I was there, I really only spent a few hours running sites. Made it through:
  • Oruze Construct x 3
  • Fortification Frontier Stronghold x 8

Just these sites made me over 429 million! Apparently my short stint in this WH was well worth the effort. Made way more than the cost of the items I brought in.

All in all, I was able to take everything out without problems and moved back to my staging grounds. I'm not leaving WH's for long...

Tomorrow I will start scanning for the next WH. Just due to the amount of time it took to get my pos out of the WH, I think that I will simply take a small pos setup into the first decent WH I find. And if I find a great WH through a static or something I'll call on the orca to bring in the the Med POS setup to make a more permanent home.

Another great WH experience. Gets me well on my way to being able to buy and fly a faction fit Tengu. Yeah. I'll post about that soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a DAY!

I certainly did not know when I logged on today how much adventure I was going to have. Some good. And some not so good.

Let's start with the not so good. Needless to say, I had my first WH experience with PVP. I have had my fair share of fights in K-space, but it certainly feels like a different animal in a WH.

So I log on to find a Tengu and a bunch of wrecks showing up on d-scan. Start looking for him. Within a minute or so the Tengu dissappears off scan. A few minutes later a Drake shows up and the wrecks start dissappearing. Fishy. Nobody in there right mind uses a Drake as a salvage boat. I finish scanning down the ship, which I really need to get better at btw, and find him slowly flying towards the last 50 m/s. Fishy. I in my cloaked cov ops open up a convo with him. After a few minutes of talking, and playing tough guy, I fall for his I'm-an-ignorant-WH-noob routine. I basically tell him to leave my sites alone and he flips me the proverbial space bird.

So I BM'd the wreck he was moving to and when he was about 20 km away I warp back to my pos (having already logged Ant in the Domi) and switch out the cov ops for the trusty ol Drake. I then fleet warp to the wreck. When I show up on his first sign that I had made a stupid mistake was that he didn't warp off. No. Instead he sped up. Right at me. And out of the ether uncloak 3 buddies. Eff...

The Domi got primaried and both of my ships were ecm'ed by the Falcon they had brought along. They also had a vagabond and the drake plus one other ship I didn't mark down. They scrammed the domi right away and I was able to warp bob in the Drake back to the POS. But while watching the Domi tank like nobody's business...I started to get my hopes up. I WARPED BACK!! (p.s. that was the second mistake) I was very impressed with the domi's ability to tank and I don't know that they would have been able to break it but it just so happens that I got disconnected. Yeah. It's all about timing right? First time in weeks that I DC'd and it had to be then. So it takes me at least 2-3 min to log back on and by that time the domi was done and the drake was on the way out. When I DC'd the domi's reppers had shut off. Kinda hard to tank with no repping AND no buffer. I quickly warp Ant's pod back to the pos and decide there's no hope for the Drake. So I eject and warp to the pos before they can lock me.

Scratch one Domi and one Drake.

So after I run back to the POS to cry inwardly, I continue my conversation with the pirate. Turns out that he's a 'nice' pirate. He even gave me some tips on how to gank ppl with my POS. What a nice guy. hehe

After they ganked me and took all of the loot from my ships they left the system..never to return.

So, instead of emoragequitting I decided to hit the lo sec exit and see where it came out. Turns out it was within 10 jumps of Amarr so I ended up taking the time to take both ant and bob out to replace their lost ships. Much isk and *sighing later, one new drake and one new domi back at my POS.

So let's get on with the good adventure for the day. I mentioned in a previous post how I was going to explain my next venture soon. Here it is. I've decided to upgrade to a Medium POS. While the small POS offered me the ability to not care too much if I lost it, I felt vulnurable. After the encounter with the pirates I could only hope that they wouldn't come back to completely wipe me out of the system. Fortunately that wasn't their game.

Over the course of the last few days I've been collecting items for my new WH kit. This one wouldn't fit in an Itty V so I've decided to involve my Orca in this venture. I wouldn't normally risk it in W-space but I can now afford to replace it if it is lost (thanks WH :).

So after I flew my new Drake and Domi into my WH I went back out with my cov ops to scout for Roblakov in the Orca. Got it in np. Was a little frightening waiting for the huge thing to make it into warp at the lo sec gates though...ughh...

I actually just finished setting up my POS and am almost done disassembling the small. My POS is a version of the classic 'dick star' and is certainly more of a detterent than the small ever was.

So tomorrow will be a day of site clearing and hopefully I will learn from the mistakes of my fail pvp actions and benefit from the added feeling of security from the Med POS.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The big move

Well, I finally did it. I moved out into my own hole. Props and thanks to the members of Stack All for their hospitality. We will certainly run into each other again. new home. It is a class 3. When I entered it had 3 WH's besides the one I came in. One led to a Class 1 WH, one to a class 5, and one to lo sec. It will be interesting to see which exits are static. Kinda hoping the class 5 isn't.

I was able to offline, unanchor and reinstall everything into my new home in about an hour. Not too bad. I almost had a heart attack while I was anchoring the tower as a Buzzard appeared on my scans. I warped my cov ops around to the different WH's trying to find which one he had come through but never had a visual. He appeared and disappeared from my scans so I now assume that he was just going between the lo sec WH and the c1 or c5.

After I had the POS online and all of my ships moved in, I was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Made it. I was finally able to relish the glory of my situation. There are about 15-20 sleeper sites which are more than enough to cover the cost of my upcoming venture. I will explain more on that in the next post.

I was also able to run my salvage from the 4 sleeper sites from last night out through the lo sec entrance. I sold it for a total of 173 million isk. Not bad for 1.5 hours of solo C3 work.

So begins the adventures in my own WH!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A quiet night, because you can't hear the sleepers scream

So today I actually found that I didn't have anything else I needed to do in Eve. I checked out the day's new C3 exit. Turns out that it had a few residents with a large POS. The only exit was to a lo sec system. So no new home for Boblakov. Oh well. I checked the system on DOTLAN maps and found that the residents had not been on in over a day and that nobody had been clearing NPC's for more than a day as well. I decided it was a perfect time to get back to sleepering. The fuel won't pay for itself...

I ran 4 sites, all the same. In total, it took only about 1.5 hours. I had Boblakov in the Drake, and Antiochian in the Domi. I really had no problems at all and no visitors bothered me.

If the isk I made from the previous C3 sites remains fairly constant, then I probably made about 160 mil. Pretty good for 1.5 hours! I'll post the actual amount when I have a chance to make it back to k-space.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a quick update

So I have now been in this C4 WH with my very generous hosts (Stack All) for about a week. I have only really run sites with them once, while having a few other adventures tossed in as well. In short, I'm itching to get into my own WH. Nothing against my current hosts but I feel that everything I do while I'm here I have to do very carefully as I don't want to mess anything up for them.

I suppose I just can't wait to be in a spot where all my mistakes are my own and affect no one but me. Live to learn I suppose. This time spent here has not been fruitless however. My time in this C4 has gained me invaluable experience on WH management due to the tagging along on ops with Stack All. Closing WH's. Learning more, first-hand, about static WH management. All valuable things which I will certainly benefit from in the future.

Right now, as I have the urge to move on, I will really be looking for the first relatively-suitable hole I can find. I made a run out to Jita through a lo sec exit (popped out only 5 jumps away!) and stocked up on fuel (now I have two weeks worth), modules I've found I need, and some skill books leading to more modules I've learned I need.

So I feel I'm ready to hit the open road. This WH I'm in has a static C3 exit so I'll be looking at the next few that pop up and a) move into that WH b) move into an adjoining C2 or C3 from that WH. I have had a little while to consider this next move over the last week and I have a few ideas rattling around in my head. I will be flushing them out over the next few days and will certainly post about it as I do.

P.S. I promised in a previous post that I would report on my earnings from the sleeper campaign I ran with Stack All. I netted 76 mill isk. Not as much isk/hr as I make running sites by myself but not too bad either. Also more fun running with cool capsuleers!

Friday, April 9, 2010

An unexpected adventure

A new day, and a new set of WH adventures. I logged on expecting to do something similar to what we did yesterday. How WH's love to mess with well-intentioned plans...

SOOO, we start by checking the static C3 WH and find it to be farmed out and occupied. So we start the process of closing it. Successful WH collapse. Next WH. Farmed and occupied. *sigh*

While our one WH closer begins the process of closing this one, the rest of the pilots have to head off. So now it's just me, watching, cloaked in my cov ops, as the mega jumps in and out. It goes critical, so he switches to the Brutix fit for finishing the WH off. Unfortunately, this WH enjoys eating Brutixes. It closed behind him.

It was right then that we realized that I hadn't given him the BM's for the sites in that WH. One of which was a WH leading to hi sec, and safety. When I had scanned it down, it was on the verge of collapse due to ships passing through it (probably the work of the local corp not wanting hi sec noobs running around).

Did I mention? The WH with our intrepid Brutix pilot in it was about 180 AU across. Try scanning the proverbial needle out of that huge a Brutix. Not fun.

So he started scanning. And scanning. And scanning. Once he had gathered a bunch of the sigs, he was reading some of them outloud on Vent when I recognized one! Sure enough, it was the hi sec exit. And fortunately, the local corp had simply bottlenecked it, not bothering to collapse it all the way. VERY lucky.

While he was scanning down that system, I was scanning ours for the new static C3 to open up. And by the time he had found his way out, I had already found a new way in. It went something like Home C4 -> C3 -> Lo sec. It came out into a system that was gate camped on the gate leading into hi sec. But he lugged that Brutix the 30 or so jumps to the lo sec system (after buying and fitting 4 stabs) where I proceeded as scout to the WH entrance.

At the gate camp, he was targeted but escaped before being fully locked. They were so miffed at their own incompetence, they gave chase. At the next gate, they managed to jump through in time to lock and scram him. hehe. They must have been ticked to realize just how many stabs he must have had fitted.

Pirate scum 0 : WH adventurerers 1

All in all, it was not a very profitable day. But what makes WH's fun is not just how much isk you can make, or the number of sleepers you can kill (both thoroughly invigorating in their own right), but the adventures you can have - not found in k-space. At least, that's what this blogger is trying to experience. Note it: in one day, locked out of home WH, found exit from hostile WH, made it back to home WH through gate camps and lo sec entrances.

A new day, and a new set of WH adventures.

EDIT: Also had a good conversation with Star Defender (author of the great Eve Online Wormholes) about our mutual WH experiences. Great talking to you SD!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some great WH action

So today I log in to find my gracious WH hosts just about ready to hit the adjoining static C3 for a day of pillaging sleeper strongholds. They had someone scanning down sites while the rest got ready. I was invited. For the next 2 hours or so we ran through about a dozen (maybe a little less) frontier sites. This C3 must not have been farmed for awhile cuz we got the hang of the Frontier Stronghold sites and kept running them. Each time becoming more familiar with the spawns and such than before.

For awhile we had 2 drakes (one was Boblakov), a Tempest, and Antioch's Domi. Hope I'm not leaving anyone out. Didn't take us very long to run through sites. The Domi would shield rep the drakes and tempest as necessary while the tempest would rep the Domi when she needed help...which was relatively often. After awhile the Tempest pilot had to go so we changed our group a bit and ended up with 3 drakes and the Domi. Lotta tank in our fleet :)

What's better than 2 Drakes and a Domi?

3 Drakes and a Domi :)

So I had to leave to grab some dinner with the family before everyone was back in the home hole so I'll get my share of the loot tomorrow. Will definately report on the profits then. Was a good day of sleeper blasting and flying with a great gang. Another shout out to the pilots of Stack All!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Had a few extra minutes...

So while I was waiting for my new WH buddies to gear up for combat, I decided to take the cov ops for a stroll around the shiny C4 system. And what a beauty it is. Enjoy...

My small POS (Antioch)

Love these planets

Great looking system...

This is all just another reason to love W-space...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An interesting oppurtunity

So I logged once more today after the encouraging sales run I made earlier to run some more sleeper sites. I had run another two sites when I had my first visitor. Had a good conversation with 'I Noob' about WH living and hope to stay in contact with him as he attempts to work with WH's in the future.

Not long after, while I was sitting in my pos, a heron appears 150 km or so out, then quickly cloaks up. I was able to open the pilot info before she disappeared so I convoed her. Turns out that she was part of a C4 WH corp. Their system had opened up a WH to mine. After a few minutes talking about our situations, I showed her the way to my lo sec exit WH and she offered me the chance to move into their C4 WH with them until I could find the proper C2 WH I was looking for.

As I had just finished the last of the sleeper sites, I jumped at the oppurtunity. So as two of my chars stayed behind to start packing up my POS I decided to run out the little bit of loot I had acquired from the two sites I had done. Surprise surprise, I sold it off for a lot more than I had thought I would. Another 84 million isk. The cost of my tower has been completely covered at this point. Who knew that running 4 sleeper sites in one day would cover the vast majority of my initial investment...

So an hour or so later I had successfully ferried my small pos setup along with my 5 ships into the adjoining C4 WH. My main goal while here is to find a vacant C2 WH that I can occupy for awhile. Shout out to the Stack All corporation! Thanks for the non-hostile arrangement! Should be an adventure...

And on a quick note, I grabbed the necessary skill book and module so that now my Domi pilot has two large shield transporting mods fitted to assist Bob in the Drake. Makes a difference and helps make sure that I don't have to warp out now from C3 sites.

Quick sales run...

I logged on this morning and scanned down the whole system to find that the WH I had come from had closed. I was in it now. No more safety net. So I scanned down the two new sigs to find that I had one more Oruze Construct site and a new WH spawn over night. I checked out where the WH lead and, just as I have read, it lead to lo sec.

I decided to take the oppurtunity to jump out of W-space in my cov ops ships, carrying all of my expensive salvage, and run to the closest sales hub, which was about 9 jumps away, and sell it off while grabbing a few things I had forgotten.

At this point, I had only run two of the sites. I sold the salvage and loot from just those two sites and made 78 mil isk! That almost covers the cost of the small tower! I honestly wasn't expecting it to sell for that much. 30 mil came from the 6 melted nano ribbons, I was expecting that. What I wasn't expecting was how much the sleeper data libraries and databases would sell for. They accounted for the majority of the sale. Very encouraging...

Monday, April 5, 2010

My first WH...

Alright, I finally found one. Although it's not exactly what I was originally aiming for. After 3 or 4 days of searching for WH's I eventually stumbled across a vacant C3 while crusing around lo sec. According to several sources that I read it would seem that the quieter WH's are often found in lo sec as those WH's will often spawn openings leading to lo sec. This means that you have FAR less traffic since the casual (noob :) ) WH traveler won't venture into lo sec to look for one.

So this WH was about 5 jumps deep into lo sec and the system had a lot of locals. So it was a hair-raising experience bringing my Itty V and other ships in. When I had made my way into the WH and begun setting up my POS, I realized that I had forgotten my salvage boat! So I had to make my way 12 jumps back to my staging area to go grab it. Not that bad but it sucks to realize, after you've come down off of your adrenaline high, that you gotta go BACK through hostile space.

But all said and done, I made it. Set up the small tower and then anchored and onlined the corp hangar and ship maintenance array. I'm all set!

Now, again, this wasn't the perfect system I was looking for. It is not chock full like I was hoping my first WH would be. But it is great to finally be in here laying waste to sleepers!

The sites upon my entry are:
  • Fortification Stronhold
  • Outpost Frontier Stronghold
  • Solar Cell
  • The Oruze Construct
  • Ordinary Perimeter Deposit
  • Unexceptional Frontier Deposit

Not a whole lot. But it is comforting to know that since I got in here, I have not seen hide nor hair of even one other pilot. The only evidence of previous occupancy is the lack of sites along with two leftover mobile warp disruptors.

I have run one site so far and it was definately more of a challenge than the sites I ran in C2 WH's. I had to warp out a few times and noticed that Antioch's Domi had a hard time keeping up with the dps as many of the enemies NOS'd her. Even Bob's drake had some difficulty maintaining his tank on the last wave of enemies. But, when it was all said and done, I was able to finish the site and made an estimated 18-20 mil in salvage and loot off of it. Not too bad. Definately a good experience as it shows me that I can survive out here in the C3 territory. I have enough fuel for about 10 days and I will certainly be able to clear the rest of the sites during that time. So I'll keep my ear to the ground and look for a favorable WH that might pop up in my system here leading to a C2 or another C3 with possible greener pastures...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Couldn't find a WH to live in but....

So, since I spent the entire day on eve scanning down WH's looking for my new home, I was kinda tired of scanning. I wanted to blow some sleepers up...

So it was a few hours from downtime and I found a c2 WH that was perfect. Well, it would have been perfect had there not been a huge POS in there. Whoever was in there definately had some serious production going on. However, there were about 6 perimeter sites, just begging to be cleaned out. I scanned the whole system and didn't find any other ships, and the hi sec system I came through was also quiet. So I decided to get it out of my system. I simply did 4 Perimeter Hangar sites. Took me 1 1/2 hours total, to take out the sleepers and to salvage the wrecks.

I wasn't expecting a whole lot in the way of isk from this adventure but after running it all to my favorite local trading hub, I netted a cool 57 mil isk! Not that bad for 1.5 hours in someone else's WH :P

Almost all of the isk came from two item types. The most profitable was the melted nano ribbons. That accounted for 30 mil, that's only 6 ribbons. The second most profitable was 112 sleeper data cores selling for 22.4 mil. Not half bad.

This first isk run certainly made me feel better about not having my own WH yet. Although it has definately whetted my appetite as to what I'll be able to net once I'm in a WH 24/7

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Searching for the First WH

So today was really the first day that I focused on finding my first WH. Man...I scanned...a lot. I scanned down 15-20 systems, some lo sec and some hi sec, and found WH's in almost every system. I think I'll keep better track of the exact numbers next time. Every WH I found was either taken, or not what I was looking for. Right now, I'm looking for a c2 WH that is vacant. I really don't even care if it has a ton of sites. I just want to get in there and set up my pos and test out the logisitics. A few sleeper sites would never hurt...

In the recent past, while gaining interest in WH's, I scanned down and took down a few sleeper sites. The amazing amount of isk I made in a little amount of time was what really caught my interest. I had mainly roamed a few c2's so I know that I can clear those sites. Well, at least the ones I have tried. And I did those with Boblakov in the Drake solo. Having Antiochian along in the Domi will surely make things go quicker.

So I scanned down 15-20 systems in my cov ops, scanning down 15-20 WH's. Each time I saw that 'Unknown' scan type come up I kept thinking, "this is definately gonna be the one." But I never did. Ran into a lot of occupied WH's. A lot more than I thought I would. The only empty ones I found were c3's. I did come across what I believe to be a rare find however, a WH in hi sec leading to a c5. It was STOCKED. There were so many sites in there, and no structures or ships showed up in my scans. Too bad that's well above my pay grade. I tried to sell the location to ppl in my various chat channels but nobody was interested :P

So after a long session of scanning, and finding WH's, then finding I couldn't use them, I decided to call it quits on the rollercoaster of scanning emotion for the day. But tomorrow is a new day...

Where I'm Starting From

Alright, so I have done a rather large amount of reading about how to go about this WH adventure. But reading can only get you so far. At this point I have 3 active characters:

Boblakov: my main, he's the combat guy. Right now he flies a Drake (with all t2 fittings), and a Raven (also t2 fittings). He's also the only one of my chars that can scan. I know that's a problem and am working on the other two chars. At this point in time he is moving (slowly) towards piloting a Nighthawk.

Roblakov: my oldest char, he is the industrial alt. He mines in a Hulk and flies an Orca. Gives great mining bonuses too. He is really the only char at this point who can fly a ship with any sort of meaningful cargo capacity. He's gonna be riding out these first few missions in an Itty V.

Antiochian: the youngest of the bunch. This char can fly a hulk with decent mining skills and is now training fully in combat skills. She flies a Domi with mostly t2 fittings right now but is training to finish out the t2 fit. Has decent drone skills already so will be useful on the sleeper sites.

So that's the team. From what I have read I have assembled my WH kit and am waiting to find the perfect WH. More on that in another post.

The Kit:
  • Small Amarr Tower
  • 1 x corporate hangar array
  • 1 x ship maintenece array
  • one week of fuel

This all fits into the Itty V, so Roblakov has his job.


  • Drake (Boblakov)
  • Covops (Boblakov)
  • Salvage boat (Boblakov)
  • Domi (Antiochian)
  • Itty V (Roblakov)

It's at this point that I see my first potential problem. And I don't know if it's a problem yet. But 3 of the 5 ships, Boblakov has to fly into the hole. We'll see if that ever ends up being a problem in the future...

So that's the setup I'm taking into the first suitable hole I find. Suggestions are VERY welcome!

The mission...

Hello everyone. This blog page is gonna be an adventure on two fronts: 1) this will be the first blog I've written 2) I will be writing about my adventures in WH space in the game Eve Online, which is going to be a relatively new experience for me.

To give credit where credit is due, this blog is more or less inspired by Star Defender's blog, Eve Online Wormholes. I became interested in stretching my Eve experience a while ago and began learning everything I could about WH's. Star Defender's blog was, honestly, the best source I found. So this little exeriment will in some ways be mimicing what it is that he did with his blog.

So hopefully I will find it in me to stick with this blog and flush it out into something to be proud of, and hopefully into a resource that can be used to help others who want to explore the dangerously exciting WH's in Eve.

Alright, so to nail it down, this blog will be following my learning experiences, victories and failures, in trying to conquer the world of WH's.