Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An interesting oppurtunity

So I logged once more today after the encouraging sales run I made earlier to run some more sleeper sites. I had run another two sites when I had my first visitor. Had a good conversation with 'I Noob' about WH living and hope to stay in contact with him as he attempts to work with WH's in the future.

Not long after, while I was sitting in my pos, a heron appears 150 km or so out, then quickly cloaks up. I was able to open the pilot info before she disappeared so I convoed her. Turns out that she was part of a C4 WH corp. Their system had opened up a WH to mine. After a few minutes talking about our situations, I showed her the way to my lo sec exit WH and she offered me the chance to move into their C4 WH with them until I could find the proper C2 WH I was looking for.

As I had just finished the last of the sleeper sites, I jumped at the oppurtunity. So as two of my chars stayed behind to start packing up my POS I decided to run out the little bit of loot I had acquired from the two sites I had done. Surprise surprise, I sold it off for a lot more than I had thought I would. Another 84 million isk. The cost of my tower has been completely covered at this point. Who knew that running 4 sleeper sites in one day would cover the vast majority of my initial investment...

So an hour or so later I had successfully ferried my small pos setup along with my 5 ships into the adjoining C4 WH. My main goal while here is to find a vacant C2 WH that I can occupy for awhile. Shout out to the Stack All corporation! Thanks for the non-hostile arrangement! Should be an adventure...

And on a quick note, I grabbed the necessary skill book and module so that now my Domi pilot has two large shield transporting mods fitted to assist Bob in the Drake. Makes a difference and helps make sure that I don't have to warp out now from C3 sites.


  1. Great story. you got some good people skills to be able to find friends fast in WH space ;) hope to see yah soon. fly safe. Noob

  2. I take it this is the I Noob I met earlier that day? If so, still interested in W-Space? Did I get you hooked ;)