Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's gonna be a new approach

So let me start this post by telling you how I wrapped up my adventures in my last WH. As you know, I had a small POS with no defenses as my only POS in the hole. Only a little protection, but only a little risk. When I logged on this morning I had two DED mails. The first telling me that someone had taken some pot shots at my POS. The second, that my POS's shields had gone below %50. Great....I warp in on a reinforced small POS.

Fortunately, I followed the cardinal rule of POS managment. Make sure to have plenty of strontium in the tower! Unfortunately, I found that while the POS is reinforced, you are unable to access anything in your corp hangar. It was at this point that I found out just how awesome it was that I always log off with my valuable sleeper salvage in my cargo hold. I was able to access the ship maintenance bay so I decided to make a break for it.

Yes, I made the extremely difficult decision to leave my small POS behind.

Along with all of the modules I had in the corp hangar, I'm estimating that I have abandoned about 120 million isk in w-space. That's a lot of isk. Not an easy decision. But, that's what they say about W-space, it's only a matter of time before you lose stuff in there. I'm happy that I made almost a billion isk with this one :)

Escaping the WH turned out to be an adventure in and of itself. I entered and scanned down the adjoining static C4. From there I moved into another WH and scanned it down. And another. And another. I couldn't believe my terrible luck. I went at least 4-5 WH's deep and didn't find an exit to hi sec or lo sec anywhere along the way. And I was VERY thorough. I actually reached a dead end where the only WH's left to go through were about to collapse due to time and I was not about to risk leaving my ships in W-space.

Next option...close the WH. As some of my readers will know, I've been on the wrong side of a closing WH before. Not fun. But a capsuleer's gotta do what a capsuleer's gotta do. So I bring out the domi and begin collapsing the WH. To finish it off I close it off with two jumps with the orca. A risk, I know, but I really really wanted out of that WH.

The next WH opens up. I scan it down and find........a Hi sec exit!! Very close to Jita at that. Perfect escape. So about 45 min later I have everything out of the WH not attached to the POS and I bid a sad farewell to served me well...

Needless to say, I wanted back in W-space, and quick. But before I just jumped in, I decided to take the next step in escalating my w-space effectiveness. Thanks to the 482 million isk I made from the loot I carried out with me, I was able to buy.....
Can you guess?'s a Tengu.
(awesome name pending)
So I'm gonna consider this an escalation of the Boblakov vs. sleeper war. It's gonna be good.
So, what it looks like now is I'm gonna be looking for a C2 or C3 that has a static C3. This would seem to be the best option at this point for making the most isk. Especially since I am having a friend join me for this next stint in w-space. He will also be bringing a Tengu. We'll see how a gang with two Tengus and a Domi does vs. how I did with one drake and a domi.
If I find the WH described above I believe that I will set up the med POS. A WH like that has the potential to be a much more permanent home. Wish me luck in my search...


  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun in WH space. I have a few corp mates who are trying to convince me to join them as the mining extension of their operation. So far I've turned it down, but who knows.

  2. Lots of ABC ores to be found in W-space. Definately consider it. Just remember, that as a miner, there is probably gonna be a lot of downtime for you. This is because there will not always be belts for you to mine/hostiles in local.

  3. Yeah, that is the one part that bothers me. I think I want to hold off till one of my characters can run sites in WH space. I'm missing a lot of the scanning/probing/not-dying skills that you want for WH exploration.