Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A more permanent home...

Alright. It feels like it's been awhile since I updated you all on what's been going on. So here it goes...

So where I left you off was when I had escaped out of W-space. I also told you how AWESOME the Tengu is. And it's only been getting better...

So anyways, I have partnered up with a former corp mate. We have decided to run W-space together which will be very different in and of itself for me. So our first night running sites (we just ran sites in a C3 that spawned close to our base), we didn't really end up running many sites. hehe. We did pvp though... Bob in his Tengu, Ant in her domi, and my (now) corpy in his tengu. We were running sites and all of a sudden, a harbinger appears at our WH back to hi sec. Followed by a Raven. At that point bob was in the salvage boat about to warp to the sites to salvage the wrecks. They shot at him!

Well we couldn't stand for that. And feeling EXTREMELY cocky in our shiny new Tengus we decided to show them up. So I jump back through the WH and make a bee line to the station to get my Tengu while corpy and Ant warp to the WH to engage. Apparently these pilots have no appreciation for a Tengu tank...or dps. We decided to primary the harby. So one domi + tengu = harby kill mail. One domi + 2x Tengu = faster kill mail. Yeah, my sleeper war now includes casualties of the human variety. The Raven warped off with it's tail between its legs.

Feeling victorious we logged for the night.

A few nights later, my corpy made a great find. A C3 from lo sec leading to a C2. It turns out that the C2 had a static C3. Exactly what we've been looking for. One's inhabited. drats.....

So my corpy links their corp after finding their pos and I strike up a conversation with one of their diplomatic contacts. I had been looking for a hole like this for awhile and I did NOT just want to move on because it was inhabited.

The convo started out pretty tense but we soon got past the this-is-w-space-and-i-have-to-assume-that-you-want-to-kill-me formalities. After awhile I simply asked if he and his corp would be willing to share the WH with us. And to my complete enjoyment, they accepted!

Not only does this WH have a static C3, but it also has a static hi sec exit. When considering this before I really didn't want to have that in the WH I inhabited. But since I have learned WH management (thanks Stack All!) it actually seems more like a great asset to have. The security of always having a hi sec exit means I will never have to worry about fuel or making sales runs. I think this is gonna work out just fine...

So I brought in the Medium POS setup that I had ready in the orca. Within about 2 hours it was all ready to go.

Today was the first day that we really made use of our friendly relations with our WH neighbors, to the benefit of all involved. I logged on before anyone else in the WH and checked out the new C3. Nothing doing. No sites to run. Oh well. So I closed it. Next WH. Same thing. Oh well. Closed it. By the time the new WH had opened up there were about 4 other pilots online from our WH coop. Turns out this WH had about 7 sites to run. So we ran them.

Boy did we run them. We had no less than 3 tengus, one domi, and one raven. The sleepers fell like flies. And it all took less than an hour. Not too bad. I'll report in soon about how much we ended up making...


  1. Somebody let you put up a POS in their wormhole system? That's pretty easy-going. So are they not interested in running sites at all?

  2. I could see someone being willing to share if they don't have the time to devote to their sites? Or they could be setting a trap to eventually destroy them all. Who knows! That is what makes Eve great!

  3. Or they are miner types and dont care to run sites.

    Also the high sec is truely a mixed bag. They are great, but you can be alomst 100% sure that if someone else opens it, it will be found. At least with low sec statics you have a very good chance that its some backwater system and even if opened by a higher class WH Corp it will not be found by many more people.

    Also if your plans are to just use the C2 for staging and running the C3 as your main tasks then this should be fine as "most" high sec stragglers won't delve too far into W-Space to find targets.

    Good Luck,

  4. @Banear & David - We did not move into the system to run the C2 sites. The real treasure was the static C3. As I talked about in the post, I am fully able to close and cycle through C3's until I find one that is ripe for the picking. As we were negotiating our entry into the WH I believe that both parties got excited about the possibilities of working together in W-space. My post talks about how useful it can be to have more pilots. Not to mention how much more capable we will be to defend ourselves and each other with the friendly pact we have created.

    @Mick - You hit the nail on the head. They aren't miners but we're not interested in the C2 sites at all. And also, about the mixed back of the hi sec exit, it truly can be a nightmare....unless you practice proper WH management...which we fully intend to do.

  5. The issue with the High Sec route is that you can easily find people from higher WS classes with a vested interest in keeping the hole open. But really if you plan to spend 90% of your time in the static C3 then it becomes less vital.


  6. Yeah that's the plan. And I am becoming even more convinced of the extra security we have in always having access to supplies fuel etc...