Sunday, April 25, 2010

The first run with the Tengu

Just thought I'd drop a quick post about how the first WH experience went with the tengu. I spent awhile today scanning down systems and WH's looking for the perfect one for me to inhabit. Didn't find it. I did find an unoccupied C3 with lots of combat sites though. Perfect time to test the new Tengu. is such an upgrade over the Drake. I don't even have the subsystem skills where I want them to be yet and it is leagues above the drake. There are two main differences. The tank: I don't have to ever worry about the Tengu taking dmg. The ROF: the Tengu just spits missiles out like a big leaguer spittin' sunflower seeds. It made a very big difference when it came to completion time on sites. Definately glad I made the jump to t3.

So in my little WH raid I only ran about 5 or 6 sites. Ran the loot to my favorite trading hub for a total of 248 million isk. Made back a chunk of the Tengu already. Another two runs like that and it'll be just about paid off....


  1. Hey man...question for you tengu setup...are you faction fitting it or did you run that C3 T2 Fitted?

  2. I have a faction booster, shield boost amp, and two faction bcs's. The rest is T2.